T7S – The Velvet Rope

The Velvet Rope

The Velvet Rope

By Krysta
Friday August 6th 1999 That ‘70s Show taping was the best taping I have been to far none.

We get at CBS Studios at 1p.m., decide to buy a That ‘70s Show shirt to promote the show more. Then we came back to get in line, which we were first at 2 p.m. and got the very best view and advantages to see the stage since it’s right on Radford. (those who have gone know it’s stage 2) So I got pictures of the stage and sign that read the name That ‘70s Show and I even got a black and white photo of it. I first saw Laura Prepon as she was getting ready for the show she kept going from make up to stage and we happen to catch her and we spoke for a while, and as a true fan that I am I called her by her real name, not her character and she thought I knew her or something and we showed her our shirts that we bought. Then Kurtwood came out and saw us standing there and he came over to talk to us, I shook his hand and got a close up picture of him, he also was surprised at the shirts. When I asked him if I can get the shirt signed he said to give it to AU and they’ll all be happy to sign it. Then I got far away photos of Danny, Mila, Topher, Wilmer and Ashton. I did also get to talk to Debb and she mentioned that they go online and one of the fans said on That 70s Page owned by Fuchsia, that they were going to the show and she thought it was me. I guess it was because I talked about it a lot on different websites.

When we got in we were known by a lot of AU pagers from BMW (the day before) and previous years. We were also guaranteed in with a universal ticket. We sat in second row and of course the shirts we bought and wore, quickly took notice to the cast and crew. (BTW those who don’t know David Trainer, directed BMW also) I guess they had no idea about them so they were really happy we wore them. (might I mention we were the only people wearing That ‘70s Show shirts that night)

I got my other t-shirt that I got on ebay earlier signed by Kurtwood, Ashton, Wilmer and Don. But next time I go and there WILL definately be a next time I’ll get the entire cast to sign it.
Throughout the show Jim (MC=entertainer) was giving out a bunch of scripts and other memorabilia and I didn’t get one except at the end. The show ended at 11:30 p.m. and we left with memories that will last a lifetime.

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