T7S – Everybody Loves Casey

Everybody Loves Casey

Everybody Loves Casey

By: Krysta
Friday March 29th 2002, was the most interesting day I have had thus far!
Emmy and I got to the studio extra early because we wanted to be the first ones there. We definitely were!
We got there about 2PM. We were alone till about 4:30PM (which is surprising because you would think people would get there earlier to secure their spots.) But anyway as the hours grew long and we were anxiously waiting, I decided that I wanted to get something to drink before we would go in, so I told Emmy I was going to McDonalds. (which everyone who has gone before knows its located across the street from Radford and Ventura) As I was crossing the street I wasn’t really paying attention to what was going on, and here comes a car about a foot away from where I was standing. At first I thought it was nobody but when I got a closer look at who it was. It was Topher Grace! I was wearing my T7S shirt (as I always do) so from that I am sure he knew I was going to the show. So it was a close encounter, very, very nice:) Heehee! Anyway with that, I was even more excited to get in.
We got in at 5:30PM and we were able to sit in the front row! Again I was the ONLY one wearing a T7S shirt! What is up with that?? The lights went down at 6:30PM and they introduced the cast as always.
The first scene was in the Forman’s Kitchen. They taped it in order of the airing. Except for the pre-tapes of the scene with the 360 shot, and get into that box scene, the boxing scenes with Kelso and Jackie. But most of it took place live!
The MC Ron was hilarious! (I hope that he will be the MC next time too:) He was very involved with the audience, which was nice. Wilmer came up to the audience to answer any questions any of us had. (I guess he always does that.) Throughout the night Ron was giving out scripts, shirts, and more memorabilia. It was only at the conclusion of the taping that I received a script. I got my shirt signed by everybody in the cast, except Debra …I have to get it next time. (I’m goin’ to the season premiere! Guess who is going with me?? Emmy again! YAY!) I got an extra autograph from Topher! Thank you Topher…too bad you didn’t hit me with your car, next time maybe! I’m so kidding, what would have been though? LOL All in all it was a great taping and it’s so much fun to know them a bit better than I did before. Thanks everyone associated with the show for making my experiences incredible as always !!

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