My collections and memorabilia

I made this page because so many people want to know what memorabilia I have of this show and also my old site Boy Meets World, as well as few extras. So here you will see a complete list of my whole collection!


The Pilot (signed)
Eric’s Birthday
Eric Gets Suspended
First Date
Holy Crap (Saw it LIVE)
Promise Ring (Signed)
Everybody Loves Casey (Saw it LIVE)
Love Wisconsin Style
‘Til The Next Goodbye (Topher’s finale)
I have two shirts, one yellow signed by entire cast
and a black with their pictures on it
I have press photos
Signed postcards
Many many clippings, Hollywood Reporter 100th Episode special.
Every episode on tape. I have many interviews and specials.


Hometown Hero
Shallow Boy
Turkey Day *Most of it, missing a few pages*
Cult Fiction
Chasing Angela
First Girlfriends Club *Signed by entire cast*
And Then There Was Shawn *Made myself*
His Answer
Ain’t College Great *Signed by most* (Saw It Live)
We’ll Have A Good Time Then
Show Me The Love (Saw it LIVE)
They’re Killing Us
It’s About Time
The Honeymooners
The Honeymoon Is Over
Picket Fences
What A Drag
Family Trees *signed by most of cast* (Saw it LIVE)
The War
As Time Goes By
Angela’s Ashes *Signed by most of cast* (Saw it LIVE)
A Brave New World *Series Finale=signed by entire cast* (Saw it LIVE)
Friendly Persuasions
Seven The Hard Way
Angela’s Men
A BMW jacket signed by entire cast and a few guest stars (done in person)
Seven press kits
Press photos
Many, many clippings
Every episode on tape
Specials, movies, and interviews

Script of; Skulls, Pay It Forward, Sixth Sense, The Retreivers (I was in the movie!)
I have much more but too much to list!

Scripts of; Sports Night (4), Dawson’s Creek (1), Friends (2), Home Improvement (Series Finale), Suite Life On Deck, and The West Wing (a few). I also have a couple of movies scripts of Pay It Forward, 6th Sense and Skulls.

NOTE: People also ask what episodes and shows I’ve seen live. BOY MEETS WORLD: ‘Honesty Night’ in Mar 1998, ‘Ain’t College Great’ Sept 1998, ‘State Of the Unions’ Mar 1999, ‘Show Me The Love’ Aug 1999, ‘Family Trees’ Nov 1999, ‘Angela’s Ashes’ Mar 2000, and finally the series finale ‘Brave New World’ Mar 2000. THAT ’70S SHOW: ‘Velvet Rope’ Aug 1999, ‘Holy Crap’ Mar 2000, ‘Everybody Loves Casey’ Mar 2002. I’ve seen Whose Line, Jesse, Friends, The Big Bang Theory and Drew Carey live.
I plan to put up pictures of some of my stuff. I am not trying to brag or anything but I have been receiving so much email asking what I have. I am a true fan of everything I have collected and have spents countless hours, money and time to collect all this! Not all scripts are original. If you have any questions regarding my collection please email me at, thank you. Krysta

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