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Newest resume for Employment

Krysta Stelter Professional Resume


Revised Resume

Please visit my revised resume here. 🙂

Krysta Stelter resume

Valentus Coffee and Energy Drinks!

Hello all! I will be working on this website and Introducing you to amazing Weight Loss Products that is just soaring!  Have you ever heard or known of Valentus?

Here are the basics for now.

Valentus Slimroast (which is the most popular of the 4 products that Valentus carries) is a weight loss coffee with all natural ingredients. It helps curb cravings, burn fat, regulates sugar absorption, improves performance and of course enhances energy!

When you take Valentus products the benefits beyond what I mentioned above is that it reduces appetite, blocks sugar, increases focus, burns fat so you can lose weight!

I will provide more as I get going…In the meantime if you know about Valentus and are ready to order, please go to my websites below!

This site that I will be giving the link to will provide details and answer just about every question you will want answered regarding Valentus!

My goal is to be the most informative website on the internet yet! 🙂

Please give me time as I just started this site…literally this week (6-16) and plan to update it often. Do check back soon!

But first check this out!

Then you can go to following sites to order and learn more!


Here is another one!

Convinced?  Then you can Pre-enroll and join the Powerline!


More will be posted soon! 🙂

Country Treasures website that I run with my Mom!

Please follow the following links.

Updates! My resume is posted on CaJobs as well.

Please go to the following site to view, print and contact me about jobs in the Sacramento Area.

Thank you.

Neglect – Updates will be soon

Hey guys,  I’m so sorry I have not updated this site in so long but life happens.  Anyway I will have updates soon.  I have a new business card (on my employment resume page), I’m gonna update a few pages and resumes.  I’m out of my funk so its time to work on this again.  

Til next time..thanks for stopping by, please check in again soon. 🙂

Believe Me – Trailer

You should see this upcoming movie!

Younique ~ Feel YOUNG again!

Please follow me to my website to learn more! Keep in mind I just started the site today so you will want to bookmark my site to see future updates and exciting news about Younique!

~ Krystina Mae ~

I just love businesses! I’ve now joined Younique!

You may click on the pictures to see some of the products we offer more clearly!

Hey guys!  I love being a Younique Presenter! Owning my own Younique business allows me the opportunity to work from home, choose my own hours, and dictate the time and effort I want to put into my business, on my own terms. I am happy to be your personal Younique Presenter to show you all of these amazing products. Please browse my website and feel free to contact me with any questions. Younique keeps things fresh, new, and exciting by always adding new products to their cosmetics and skincare lines. I love their products! If you would like to earn Hostess Rewards by holding an online Virtual Party, I can show you how to earn free products without even having to hold a party at your house! I feel so empowered by this business! If you would like to learn more about the products, or how you can earn extra cash by selling these products and becoming a Presenter, please let me know! Whether you are interested in joining my company, or purchasing amazing products, you came to the right place. Bookmark me and return often!

I’ve been working different angles and businesses to see which works best.  I found this awesome one and it ties with my acting career!  Younique make-up!  You can never go wrong with make up and you certainly cant go wrong with a make up that makes you FEEL younger and makes you LOOK younger too!  That helps my acting!  I will present a video soon on how you can use the product and what you get in your starter kit!  Let me just say this…you can use the make up kit for LIFE!  It WILL last you that long!  No joke!  

Check out my website to learn more and hey, maybe you’ll join MY team!  🙂



Younique – Krystina Mae


WOW. The Man Who Hugs Wild Lions Brought a Go-Pro This Time (Video)

I love this…

Higher Learning

Kevin Richardson is known as the lion whisperer, and I think that term is perfectly accurate. He has literally made himself part of a pride of lions, as well as a group of hyenas.

Watch Kevin hug, cuddle and play with these wild predators. He also attaches Go-Pros on the backs of some of the lions and hyenas, so you can see things from their perspective as well.

If this isn’t the most amazing intimate footage of lions and hyenas you’ve ever seen, I’d be very surprised.

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