Gender : Female
Height : 5’8″
Weight : 125 lbs.
Eyes : Green
Hair : Blonde/Brown
Ethnicity : Caucasian


Gymnastics, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Volleyball, Swimming, Voice, Basketball, Softball, Piano, Flute, Crafts, Kickboxing, Pilates, and very well educated in computers, Dialects: (European, Southern, and British)

About myself:

When asked this question, I often pause and remember there really isn’t a proper way to explain yourself in definite. But I will say I have been in the entertainment industry for quite a few years (14 yrs) in many capacities from acting, talent search, stand-in, stunt double and extra work. I am often mistaken my age (36) for younger.

I must have a young looking face. You decide. 🙂

I have also been behind the scenes as a production assistant and have done some tech work so that enabled doors to open up many opportunities, (everybody preaches honesty so here goes..) but I had struggled with confidence in myself in the past that I didn’t get a chance to blossom so I took a break by moving to North Carolina.

I got the bug again so I moved back to California to pursue my dream once more. But this time I am more wise and more mature. I am more willing, if not eager to blossom in the career I was meant to be in.

I’ve dabbled in writing, casting assistance (worked for (Media Casting) Everett Blix as his assistant for over five years) and I have talent in singing as well.

If you want honesty then let me just say, my confidence used to be my weakness now it’s my strength as it’s tripled since I last left my passion, now I am ready to show the world what I’m all about.

Destination Black Rock Sue Ellen Stephen Richards
An Empty Wall Karen Short – Andrew Ramsey
Why Are We Even Here Linda Short – Veronica Jarboe
Feu Lead Short – Andrew Florio
Get There Mary Short – Michelle Goodale
Not This Time McKayla Short – Jonathan Houghton
About Last Night Krys Parker Short – Michelle Goodale
Rural Disturbance Lead (Sandy Thorton) Short – Quinn Witchell
Petite Chardonnay Principal (Marilyn) Aria Pictures – Gerald Davenport
Conversation Over Cigarettes Lead (Andrea) Independent – Chris Combs
Rock Star Steel Dragon Fan Stephen Herek
The Deep End Ballet Dancer David Siegel
Inferno Waitress John Avildsen
Redemption of the Ghost Cafe Patron Richard Friedman
Path To War Featured and casting John Frankenheimer
Straight From The Heart Featured and casting David S. Cass Sr.
The Retrievers Featured, stand in and casting Paul Schneider
Gentle Ben I and II Featured and casting David S. Cass Sr.
Rattlesnake Dick Double History Channel Pilot
SMOSH Featured (multiple episodes) SMOSH Productions
In Real Life Supporting Serenity Films Productions
The Christmas Story Lead Cornerstone Church
Can’t Buy Me Luck Supporting Foothill Church
Holidaze Lead Stagewright Productions
Spring One Acts Supporting Stagewright Productions
Players Club Lead Stagewright Productions
Rancho Club Casino Gambler Effusion Pictures
ACE Hardware Customer Ernie Geefay
Claude’s Cafe Waitress (speaking) Steve Papineau


Theater Technique & Acting; Stagewright Productions

Acting for the Camera, Improv, Audition workshops; Charlie Holliday

Theory & Technique Of Acting; Consumnes River College

Audition Technique & Cold Reading Seminar; Media Casting (Everett)

Clickable and printable resume—-
Acting Resume
Printable business card

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