This is class from Brian Dunkleman

I bet you are asking who the hell is Brian Dunkleman?  Well, remember that guy that stood next to Ryan Seacrest in season 1 on American Idol?  Yeah the back burner?  Oh and his pathetic appearance on Friends?  Yeah, him.  Well, he publicly hates and blames Ryan Seacrest for his failures.  He tends to think he’s gotten past the situation yet he still brings up Ryan in some of his twitter posts.   He approved and cheered on Sacha Baron Cohen for his stupid Oscar’s Red Carpet ‘joke’, he’s publicly wished Ryan had ‘AIDS’ in front of a crowd that he performed some ‘show’  at the “Laugh Factory” 


So he’s a jackass!  Well, now he decided to start some ‘war’ on twitter with me.  Yet, all he could come up with is one word for a come back.  Yeah, and you’re a  Check this out!

About krystamae

I've never been real fond of an about me page because it's like an advertisement. But I will tell you this much: I have been a writer, actress, dancer, gymnast and a track competitor. I have been to Los Angeles MANY times for acting, tapings and just to hang out since I don't live too far away. I am aiming for fame!

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  1. I don’t even know this guy, but I don’t need to know him to realize he’s a dumbass LOL

  2. I love your posts, especially love how you’re open about your faith!
    But if I’m being honest, it seems from the twitter feeds here that you started the ‘war’, and not him. Just sayin’

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